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A paradise of white sand beaches, bright-turquoise shallow water, coral reefs and dolphins, Isla Saona is the #1 boat-trip destination in the Dominican Republic.
The Carnival in Santo Domingo, also known as Carnaval Dominicano, offers travelers a chance to see what makes Dominican culture great - and have a whirlwind of fun while you’re at it.
Affectionately called the Darling of the Atlantic, the glittering Puerto Plata is home to some of the Caribbean’s most sought-after beaches.

Dominican culture and customs: know before you go

If it's your first time visiting the Dominican Republic, a little knowledge about Dominican culture and customs will boost your confidence to go out, meet the locals, find your way, order off the menu, and browse and haggle.

Street vendor in Constanza

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How to See the Whales in Samaná Bay

If you're in the Dominican Republic between January 15 - March 25, try to make the trek north to see the whales in Samaná. After all, they've come some 3000 miles to see you.

Humpback whale breaching in Samaná Bay

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Winter activities and tips!

Travel to the Dominican Republic for less

Need the lowdown on airports, flights, when to go and how to find the cheapest deals? From reservation to relaxation, here’s our guide to getting to the Dominican Republic.

Airplanes at Punta Cana International Airport

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