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Party-Hopping in Las Terrenas

Gaia Nightclub, Las Terrenas

Photo: Gaia Nightclub

Party hop from sundown to sun-up: 6 Locations You’ve Just Gotta Hit

You've spent a heavenly afternoon relaxing on one of the best beaches in the world in Las Terrenas, sipping on coconut milk straight out the coconut, and indulging in tropical breezes. But as the sun sets over the bay, the bars along the beach area and Pueblo de Los Pescadores (Fisherman’s Town) light up.


This gorgeous strip of beachside hangouts is the perfect place to go party-hopping. Compact Las Terrenas has a brilliant nightlife scene, with bars, clubs and great places to grab a bite all within easy walking distance. You’ll meet locals, fellow travelers as well as expats from Europe - especially France and Italy - who came here on vacation and didn’t want to leave.


When you’re done dancing, it’s not far from the central party strip to the dozens of boutique green hotels scattered around Las Terrenas and nearby Samaná, where you can wake up in your own time to ocean views and the sound of waves washing ashore.

One love surf shack, Las Terrenas

Photo: Mikkel Ulriksen

01. One love surf shack

A bar you'd definitely expect on a tropical Caribbean beach, One Love Surf Shack serves up contagious Dominico-Jamaican vibes in the afternoon and contemporary and classic rock hits at night. Fridays are for live bands, thursdays are for trivia karaoke, and Sundays for football. The relaxed vibes at One Love make it a popular spot to grab a bite and a first drink and warm up for the night.


Drinks to TryBlack Jack

Food to TasteKatana Sushi

El Mosquito Art Bar, Las Terrenas

Photo: Mikkel Ulriksen

02. Mosquito Art Bar

Mosquito Bar will feed the Bohemian in you, with a beautifully decorated bar and lounge area and over 30 types of international beer in a balmy open-air setting. Thursdays and Fridays are retro nights dedicated to the 70's, 80's and 90's that’ll have you make new memories to the tune of unforgettable cheesy hits.


Drinks to Try: Gin and Tonic (ask for a "Gíntón") and Martinis

Food to Taste:  The Mosquito Bite Snack Bar

People sitting in a bar in Las Terrenas

Photo: Mikkel Ulriksen

03. La Bodega

It's time to put those Bachata and Merengue Lessons to the test at the most Dominican Bar in Las Terrenas, with the best Latin music and Caribbean atmosphere in town. The dance floor is always jam-packed. Look for the two-storey wooden colonial building just before the road hits the beach - you can’t miss it.


Drinks to Try: Typical Dominican Rum Service

Food to Taste: Tostones (fried plantains), and grilled chicken breast

Gaia Nightclub, Las Terrenas

Photo: Gaia Nightclub

04. Gaia Disco & Nightclub

Love to dress-to-impress? Gaia Nightclub is the place to show off your inner fashionista. Gaia is a surprisingly high-end disco and sushi bar right, with three floors for dancing and fine dining in a modern luxury setting. Wanna party like you’ve made it? Book one of the private VIP areas for you and your crew. There's live musicians every weekend playing Dominican instruments to modern House beats.


Drinks to Try: Mimosa

Food to Taste:  Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

Mojitos Bar, Las Terrenas

Photo: Mojitos Bar

05. Mojitos

The name says it all - Mojitos! Sip the quintessential Caribbean drink right on the beach like nature intended. Take advantage of Mojitos weekly Happy Hour (5:30-7:30 pm) when their world-class mojitos are 2-for-1 and get your engine running for a memorable night of laughs and cheers.


Drinks to Try: Chinola Mojito, 

Food to Taste:  Fried calamari with crab croquettes and fries

Babylon Disco, Las Terrenas

Photo: Babylon Disco

06. Babylon Disco

Leave Babylon til’ last because once you step in, you won't want to leave until the sun comes up. Expect wall-to-wall dancing to upbeat Reggaeton, Dembow, and House. Hilarious dance lessons and encouragement from staff will have you dancing like a local in no time.


Drinks to Try: Cherry Margaritas, Shot Canoa

Food to Taste:  Oven-baked lobster


If you’ve ever been partying in Las Terrenas before, give us your opinion on what bars YOU think we should add to the list! Drop us a comment on our socials (and share your best photos)!

Written by Omar Guzman.


Published February 2021.

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