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Lesser-Known Beaches in the Dominican Republic

Playa Onda beach in Samana

Photo: Javier Gautier

Follow our trail to the best Low-key beaches in Dominican Republic!

Trying to keep a low profile this season? Allow us to show you the best Dominican Beaches with the lowest tourist traffic, away from hectic travelers, and budding gift shops to a minimum.  


There’s always more to see behind the popular “Top-Best Lists” in the DR, and the following beaches are known to be accommodating to visitors who want just a little more privacy to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean, the blue skies, and the cool tropical breeze.

Gran Estero beach in Nagua

Photo: Javier Gautier

1. Gran Estero in Nagua

As you drive east along the Nagua-Samaná highway, lined with compacted coconut trees and beach shrubs, Playa Gran Estero can be seen slowly emerging in the background on your left like sweetness to your eyes. This unique beach gets its name  from the connecting Gran Estero river that leads to the ocean. Located in the province of Nagua, or, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Gran Estero Beach is worth stopping by to relax.

Playa Encuentro beach in Cabarete

Photo: Javier Gautier

2. Playa Encuentro in Cabarete

The exact opposite of the populated Playa Cabarete, Playa Encuentro (meaning encounter) is exactly that, a wonderful encounter with a chill beach for the lone surfers out there who want to be one with the waves. Encuentro feels like more of a hidden retreat for the bohemian in you, or in this case, the Dominican in you. You can locate this beach in the lovely town of Cabarete in the greater province of Puerto Plata. 


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Playa Onda beach in Samaná

Photo: Javier Gautier

3. Playa Onda in Samaná

Playa Onda (deep) is one of those places, where if you can be alone for just 5 minutes, it can be a transformative experience. About 2 kilometers from the now frequently visited Playa Ermitaño, Playa Onde is a cinema quality enclosed beach that measures 1. 7 kilometers and is surrounded by forest-like vegetation with coconut palms. Volcanic rock forms parallel barriers that create that one-with-the-island feel.

Playa Caobita beach in Azua

Photo: Javier Gautier

4. Playa Caobita in Azua

A living dream in the less traveled province of Azua, La Caobita Beach screams the blues with a vibrant collage of turquoise, larimar, and deep navy to contrast. Caobita’s coraline coast resembles a mermaid from a bird's eye view, adding a touch of mystique to this already awe striking scenic Dominican beach.

Playa El Valle beach in Samaná

Photo: Javier Gautier

5. Playa El Valle in Samaná

El Valle Beach in Samaná was once rarely mentioned among travelers in the region and even locals alike, but in the last few years, this lost paradise has been gaining a strong following that can’t be denied.  Directors like M. Knight Shyamalan have recently used this seemingly remote location to produce Hollywood films, and we’re sure they also took some time to enjoy El Valle all for themselves. 


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Playa Blanca beach in Punta Cana

Photo: Shutterstock

6. Playa Blanca in Boca de Yuma

About an hour’s drive southwest of Punta Cana, Boca de Yuma is a wonderful escape from all the large resorts and complexes you’ll find in the area. What makes this Dominican beach unique is its half-moon shaped enclosure, created naturally by the crashing waves. You should definitely get ready to take some epic beach shots to make your family members back home jealous.

Written by Omar Guzman.


Published January 2024.

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