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Best Beaches in and Around Puerto Plata

Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

Wonderful Beaches in Puerto Plata All in a Row!

Although the Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation, its entire northern coast is embraced by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, giving its beaches a one-of-a-kind beauty and charm you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Puerto Plata’s cool breeze and swaying coconut palms will captivate the inner you.


Assuming you want to visit as many beaches in Puerto Plata as possible, let’s take a west to east or left to right approach and scour the coastline for the best beach experience.

Paradise Island, Puerto Plata


1. Paradise Island

Perfectly located in the far western province of Puerto Plata in La Ensenada municipality, they don’t call this wonder’ Paradise Island’ for nothing. Locally known as Cayo Arena (Sand Cay), many travelers profess that Paradise Island is the most gorgeous beach location in the province. Here you’ll have the chance to snorkel or dive and swim around the crystal clear coralife-laden cay. It’s worth the trip.


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Playa Cofresi near Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

2. Cofresi

About 15 minutes from central Puerto Plata, next to Ocean World Adventure Park, Cofresi Beach is a magnet for traveling families with vast sandy shores and open waters. This beach’s medium-strength waves make it perfect for wakeboarding, kayaking, and jet skiing - but you can also just lay back in the sun and enjoy the view - your call.

Playa Costambar, Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

3. Playa Costambar

Costambar or Costa de Amber (amber coast) beach is a great find for curious visitors looking for peaceful getaways not far from the city areas. Right down the road from Cofresi, this lovely spot is defined by delightful Beach Almond trees that give plenty of shade in the summer heat. Here you’ll see just as many foreigners as locals just living that island life.

Playa Acapulco in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

4. Playa Acapulco

A favorite among nationals, young and old, Acapulco Beach on the Malecón of Puerto Plata is a treat for anyone walking the boulevard. The first section is decked with colorful reefs, as the water tends to be clear and shallow. Further along the strip, the second section is much larger, diverse, and usually semi-packed with people on the weekends. Want the Dominican beach experience? This is it.

Playa Cosita Rica in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

5. Playa Cosita Rica

Literally meaning “Delicious Little Thing,” Cosita Rica beach is quite delicious indeed, with flat open sand for awesome volleyball games. The water is relatively low for those who fear going in too deep. There are plenty of tables, chaise lounges, and umbrellas to keep your drink fresh as you get a well-earned tan to show back home. It’s only 5 minutes walking distance from Playa Acapulco, with the best view of the famous statue of Poseidon on the rocks.  

Playa Long Beach in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

6. Playa Long Beach

After passing through Acapulco and Cosita Rica beaches on the Malecon Boulevard, the day gets even sweeter as you’ll encounter Playa Long Beach at the far eastern end of the avenue. The refreshing white sands are conveniently shaded with the typical beach grape trees of the region. There’s plenty of space to park your vehicle, pop out your grill, and get a barbecue going. Plus, Long Beach doesn’t get as crowded as the rest can, which means you can play your favorite tunes in a relaxed environment.

Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

7. Playa Dorada

Situated at the resort and condominium complex Playa Dorada of the same name, this beach gets its name ‘Dorada’ (golden) for the precious metal color of the sand. It’s one of the most well-known beaches on the north coast, with a great vibe and energy from the many visitors with one thing in common - the love for sun, sand, food, rum, and beer.

Playa Bergantín near Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

8. Playa Bergantín

A beach that is growing in popularity, Playa Bergantín was once visited by only a few groups of people who knew where it actually was - but now with Hollywood stars like Vin Diesel creating a film studio there (aside from a personal residence), Bergantín has gained national and international interest. Only 20 minutes from Playa Dorada, you’re sure to delight yourself.

Playa Sosua near Puerto Plata

Photo: Shutterstock

8. Playa Sosua

Continuing to travel towards the east, the municipality of Sosua is a half-hour ride from the City of Puerto Plata and is a major tourist hot spot. Sosua Beach tends to be continuously active, with no shortage of beachgoers to liven up the atmosphere. The beach’s deep blue colors only augment the sun’s shimmering reflection on the water’s surface, with just enough depth to dive or hitch a ride on a banana boat.

Written by Omar Guzman.


Published October 2023.

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