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Six Beautiful Beaches near Santo Domingo

Playa Hemingway beach near Santo Domingo

Photo: Angel Rosario

Take a Tropical Beach Detour from the Busy Streets of Santo Domingo

Touring the capital city of Santo Domingo and its historic Zona Colonial can be an exciting experience for curious urban explorers - but after a day of scouring the streets for National treasures and visiting the local shops - you'll be left to wonder.... where's the beach?


A great question! Which prompted us to put together this shortlist of the most convenient beaches to bury your feet, in and around the greater Santo Domingo area. And don't forget your flip-flops.

Playa Punta Torrecillas beach, Santo Domingo

Photo: Anton Lau

1. Playa Punta Torrecillas

Crossing the Rio Ozama from the Port of Santo Domingo, Punta Torrecillas (little towers) beach is an excellent place to drop by if you're on the move downtown.


Located at the Sans Souci Lighthouse Park, Torrecillas is a clean and pretty little beach with lots of personality and that much-needed Caribbean vibe your vacation demands.


It's also the safest beach in the city, right next to an official Naval Academy, so I guess that has something to do with it.

Playa Hemingway beach near Santo Domingo

Photo: Angel Rosario

2. Playa Hemingway

A 50-minute drive west of Playa Punta Torrecillas, Playa Hemingway (unrelated to the author) isn’t a secret, but it’s definitely clean and well-kept. This beach is mostly exclusive to residents within the Club Hemingway area, but open to the public.


This spot has beauty and relaxation all over it, as there’s plenty of security to ease your mind as you take a tan-nap in the sun. And if you want to make this a habit, you can stay a few nights at the Hotel Casa Hemingway, where you’ll be catered with excelency.

Boca Chica beach near Santo Domingo

Photo: Anton Lau

3. Boca Chica

No other beach better represents the province than the ultra-popular destination of Boca Chica. 


One of the most excellent parts about going to Boca Chica is the ride. Driving along the straight Las Americas Highway, you'll be able to appreciate the waves of the Caribbean Sea crashing against the coast. Nothing but you, the ocean's mist, and the open road.


Once you get there, you'll immediately feel the energy of the beach's transparent shallow waters drawing you inward. The sea remains waste-high for about a 1/2-kilometer radius, with a rocky tropical oasis called La Matica or little tree, where lovers have been known to escape.

Playa Guayacanes beach, Juan Dolio

Photo: Angel Rosario

4. Juan Dolio: Playa Guayacanes

Taking the same Las Americas Highway - headed 14-minutes east of Boca Chica - you can enhance your visit by discovering the much sought-after Guayacanes Beach in Juan Dolio. 


This beach really tones down the temperature and offers a more relaxed "getaway" environment - fit for travelers who don't want to be all packed together.


Here, you'll encounter other tourists and foreign nationals that visit Juan Dolio from all over for the fantastic resorts and impeccable turquoise-sky blue water. Snorkeling is on another level at Guayacanes.

Playa Caribe beach near Santo Domingo

Photo: Angel Rosario

5. Playa Caribe

Now, to get that extra anonymity on your trip - it's best we mention this hidden beach, barely noticed in between the rocky coast, and just minutes before reaching Juan Dolio.


Its narrow volcanic rock entrance from the Caribbean Sea creates the perfect environment for large waves that attract surfers from across the southern coast.


So, if Boca Chica or Playa Guayacanes seem too busy for your travel taste, this lovely little beach has just the correct elements to make for an exquisite afternoon with the sun, sand, and tropical breeze.

Playa Najayo beach, San Cristobal

Photo: Playa Najayo

6. Playa Najayo

Approximately 1-hour west of Santo Domingo in the neighboring province of San Cristobal, Playa Najayo is the closest beach outside of the capital with a different domestic atmosphere, as the people of San Cristobal tend to be more "down-to-earth" and welcoming.


The beach itself provides a massive natural pool area, enclosed by a thin coral-reef barrier that keeps the tide low enough for people of all sizes to enjoy.


Plus, you won't be far from the main town for a quick trip through the city if you've got the time.

Written by Omar Guzman.


Published November 2022.

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