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Best Things to Do in Puerto Plata

Biking on the malecon in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

Puerto Plata is an Air, Land, and Sea Adventure!

La Tacita de Plata (the silver teacup), as the locals affectionately call the city of Puerto Plata, offers travelers distinct activities to satisfy anyone’s need for adventure or leisure.


So, what to do in Puerto Plata? Here’s a list of what we consider the best Dominican excursions and trips to take in the number one destination on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Kitesurfing in Dominican Republic - Photo:


1. Kite Surfing

The northern coastal winds of Puerto Plata create the perfect conditions for kite surfers from all over to come and hit the waves just off the main boulevard, the Malecon. Also, if you want to join an even more diehard crowd of surfers, the beach town of Cabarete is only an hour’s drive from the main city.


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Here are a few tips for those looking at Kitesurfing in Cabarete!

Biking on the Malecon in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

2. Jogging and Cycling

One of the obvious main things to do in Puerto Plata is visit the coastal boulevard, el Malecón. This beautiful stretch along the ocean becomes the city’s gathering point for recreation like running, jogging, or renting a bicycle to take in the oceanic landscape at your own pace. The best time to get your cardio going on the Malecón is around 5 am - 6 am and 5 pm - 9 pm when the locals habitually workout.

The El Teleférico cable car in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

3. Mount Isabel de Torres Cable Car in Puerto Plata

If there’s ever a moment to take an epic aerial shot of the city, it’s this one. Take a ride up the 2,600-foot Mount Isabel de Torres in the first aerial cable car system in the Caribbean, El Teleférico, Cable Car in Puerto Plata. With newly installed cars, you’ll have a safe trip to the top, where the view is spectacular, and the temperature is just right for a walk through the Isabel de Torres National Park. Undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Puerto Plata.


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Beach buggy ride in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

4. Buggies

Nothing says excitement like tearing through dirt roads, sugar cane fields, and muddy puddles at maximum speed. Also, what buggy ride would be complete without treading the beach for a fantastic sunset escape? Each group is led by a professional guide and instructor to ensure that your adventure is a safe one.


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Parque Central Independencia in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

5. Explore the Historic Central Park Area

The central park in Puerto Plata is easily located by the elevated church steeples of the San Felipe Cathedral, which is the perfect point for any visitor to start exploring the historic city zone. Just around the park, you can get a feel for Dominican art at Casa de la Cultura (house of culture), Casa 40, and various side street shops.


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Parque La Puntilla in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

6. La Puntilla

Without question, the most visited site in Puerto Plata by locals and travelers alike is La Puntilla on the far western tip of the Malecón. Here, you can enter the 1577 Fortress of San Felipe to view relics from the different eras of the city’s history. Within the same area, a colonial lighthouse and barracks are still preserved, and from which, you can look down towards the ocean with an excellent view of the first amphitheater in the region.


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The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua

Photo: Alamy

7. The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua

The 27 Damajagua waterfalls in Puerto Plata, or 27 Charcos, is a unique and adventurous aquatic experience that your itinerary should not overlook. If you’re into fitness, this journey begins with a 30 to 40-minute hike to the first fall through cool streams and forest areas for a truly natural experience. An exceptional Dominican excursion.


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Zip-lining in the Dominican Republic

Photo: Angel Rosario

8. Zip-lining

For the daring at heart, Zip-lining in Puerto Plata is the perfect activity to get your blood rushing and leave a memorable impression on your trip. Zip-lining is included in many of the activities on this list in package deals for an even better time.


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Ocean World in Puerto Plata

Photo: Ocean World

8. Ocean World Puerto Plata: dolphin experience

Ocean World Puerto Plata is definitely worth visiting in the Playa Cofresi area just outside the city limits, especially if you have your kids with you. Not only will you dance with a dolphin, but you will also see other animals and creatures as part of your tour.


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Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic

Photo: Pro Dive

9. Snorkeling

If you plan on visiting any of the Best Beaches in Puerto Plata this season, don’t miss the opportunity to throw on your flippers and strap your goggles for a wonderful aquatic experience. The shallow waters of the north coast are perfect for children to enjoy the ocean (with parental supervision, of course).


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Horseback riding in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

10. Horseback riding

With plenty of surrounding mountain areas and winding hills, novice or experienced horseback riders will feel the freedom of galloping along country trails or beautiful ocean shores. Professional riders will be with you each step of the way, with plenty of information about the flora and fauna of the region for the curious at hard. 


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Gokarts at FunCity near Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

11. Go-karting

Feeling a little competitive? Look no further than Fun City to awaken the wild child inside of you and truly have a great time taking-on your friends or family for best Go-Karter.  Fun City is located just outside of the resort complex Playa Dorada, and can easily be accessed through public transportation.


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General Gregorio Luperón Museum in Puerto Plata

Photo: Mikkel Ulriksen

12. Visiting the Gregorio Luperon Museum

A visit to Puerto Plata wouldn’t be complete without taking time to immerse yourself in the city’s history and legendary heroes like General Gregorio Luperon. A man of color who ascended quickly through the ranks for his intellect and skill on the battlefield against Spanish, as well as in auditoriums, rising to become President of the Dominican Republic. Facing exile, persecution, and illness, his leadership efforts undoubtedly shaped the republic.  


Did you know he was also the first Master Mason of the Americas? Take a look inside the museum.

Written by Omar Guzman.


Published November 2023.

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