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10 of Dominican Republic's Prettiest Waterfalls

Salto de El Limon, Samaná

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Dive into a World of Waterfalls in Dominican Republic

Venture out of your comfort zone this season and hike upward into a diversity of mountainous sub-tropical and wet forests to uncover the prettiest scenic waterfalls on the island of Hispaniola. Rarely promoted and highly underrated, these 10 locations are the most photoshoot worthy and dive-ready for a timeless experience you'll want to share with the world.

Hongo Magico & Salto de Elena

Photo: Nateevos

01. Salto de Elena & Hongo Magico

Hongo Magico (magic mushroom) and Salto de Elena are two very secluded falls that should be on everybody's list of natural places to visit in the province of Espaillat. Like Salto de Jimenoa 1 and 2, you'll get twice the pleasure of being able to visit both waterfalls in one day, and if you’re into climbing this is just the place for a rappelling good time.

Cascadas de Las Golondrinas

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02. Cascadas de Las Golondrinas

About a 1h 1/2 hike through mountainous trails from the town of Las Tres Cruzes in the province of Salcedo or Hermanas Mirabal, you’ll find Cascadas de las Golondrinas (Cascades of the Swallows). This waterfall has a desirable picturesque layout, with usual mild to heavy falls that drop into a large blue and often green natural pool, which is probably the best part for a cold plunge after the long walk.

Salto El Berro

Photo: Adralexan

03. Salto El Berro

Located in the south-central region of the Dominican Republic in the province of Bonao, El Berro is mostly a known attraction locally and not found on your average tour operator's itinerary, making it an opportune excuse to navigate the inner country only 97.8 km (1hr 40min) from the capital of Santo Domingo.

Salto de Jimenoa Uno

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04. Jimenoa 1 and Jimenoa 2

For double the adventure, the iconic Jimenoa Waterfalls in Jarabacoa are essential sites for the eco-traveler and can both be appreciated in one afternoon of exploration.


Jimenoa 1 is the highest of the two at 35 meters, appearing to run right out of a cave from its rocky face, roaring as it echoes off of the surrounding surfaces and crashing into the shallow pool below, while Jimenoa 2 has more of a robust presence with water pouring right in between a massive rectangular slab of rock.

Aguas Blancas waterfall


05. Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas meaning White Waters is no lie, as the ever continuous flow against the stony landscape in the midst of Constanza's extensive mountain ranges, gives it that luminous bright white effect where aside from visitors both foreign and domestic, the indigenous Taínos held this waterfall location sacred and bathed in these waters for centuries.

27 Charcos de Damajagua

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06. Damajagua: 27 Charcos

Of all the phenomenal waterfalls on the island, Damajagua or the 27 Waterfalls as popularly dubbed, is the most mentioned and visited water adventure location around.


All it takes is a short 30 min ride from the city of Puerto Plata or Santiago, depending on which way your're traveling, and you'll be trekking up to the main waterfall 1, and subsequently dive, swim, climb, and slide through the natural corridors, pools, and tropical forest until reaching the top.

Salto de la Jalda

Photo: Marvin del Cid

07. Salto de la Jalda

In the province of El Seibo, about half an hour from the town of Miches, Saltos de La Jalda or Leaping Jalda takes the crown for the Highest waterfall in all of the Caribbean at 120 feet deep within the thick vegetation. It takes up to 2 hours on foot to reach the base from the nearest roads, but it’ll be well worth it, and along the way you’ll be absorbing nature's vibrations.

Salto de Jima

Photo: Ebano

08. Salto de Jima

Salto de Jima is located in the province of Monseñor Nouel, and has been declared a protected natural monument since 2009 for its importance to the ecology and its preservation.


This waterfall originates in the Ebano Verde Scientific Reserve from where a 12-cascade basin and about 10 natural pools form to give us the magnificent fall, having a very centric look and power flow through the large blocky rock formations.

Salto de El Limon Waterfall

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09. El Limón

Moving along further northeast to the Samaná Peninsula, the El Limón waterfall is just as refreshing as its lemony name. Towering at 40 meters in altitude with a jasper-colored rock face and bright green fern and algae gives El Limón its characteristic appeal, especially after the 2 hour hike from the town of the same name.


You'll be able to easily access the site 40 minutes From the main city of Samaná or Las Terrenas, where there are plenty of guides to assist you.

Cascada La Taina

Photo: Nateevos

10. Cascada La Taina

One of the few waterfalls on the country's southeastern coast in the province of San Cristobal, La Taina is an elegant fall running incognito, some 25 to 30 minutes from the small town of Los Cacaos. It forms a profound emerald green bath for a cold dip and isn't too far from the Tabernaculo de Piedra (stone tabernacle), a triangular stone temple-like natural spa.

Written by Omar Guzman.


Published September 2022.

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