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Where to Eat in Puerto Plata

Las Palmas restaurant in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

Eat your way through the city streets of Puerto Plata!

Aside from the sun, fun, and rum, travelers’ main concern is where to get a great meal and experience Dominican cuisine and even international dishes at their finest.

Here, we’ve comprised a list of the best Puerto Plata restaurants that visitors, and most importantly, locals prefer when going out for a bite - and if Dominicans are loving it, it’s for a good reason.

Amparo Delicatessen restaurant, Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

1. Amparo Delicatessen

Experience the fried Dominican food culture of the Dominican Republic all in one spot. Amparo specializes in creating crispy traditional treats that are synonymous with the Dominican culture, like the ever present meat stuffed Kipe or Quipe, the cheese filled Empanada, Chicken Croquetas (croquettes), or the apetitizing Bola de Yuca (yucca ball) - each with a flavorful dipping sauce. Their natural fruit juices are among the best around.


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Casa 40 restaurant, Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

2. Casa 40

Artsy, quirky, and chill best describes this unperceived hideout for the bohemian and sophistically simple travelers who like to keep it low key as they explore the city streets. Down the street from the San Felipe Cathedral, Casa 40 has a balanced menu of traditional food inspired dishes, creative entrees, and fresh salads. Out of all the restaurants in Puerto Plata, their international and Mediterranean plates really stand out, like their Pesto Burrata with Prosciutto, or the Casa 40 Angus-Chorizo Burger.  Whatever the selection, it’s sure to be a good one.


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Las Palmas restaurant in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

3. Las Palmas

Feeling Italian? Las Palmas is a homey spot to enjoy the delights of Italian cuisine.  They prepare the most delicious pastries like Cream Puffs or Baked Bigne, Millefoglie, and the Cannoli. The seafood pastas, old-world pizza, and antipasto Italiano, steal the show, and the taste is wonderful with a veggie-friendly twist.


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La Carihuela Beach Restaurant, Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

4. La Carihuela Beach Restaurant

Right on the beach of Cosita Rica on the Malecon, this long standing eatery is where many families go for their fix of Dominican Food: rice, fried breaded fish, and tostones (plantain chips). They also serve plenty of other international dishes for literally thousands of visitors per month, but their strength is in their on-point seasoning and quick service with a genuine smile. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll love their tender ‘Big Mofongo Octopus’, and ‘fish head soup’ for the soul.


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Casita Azul restaurant in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

5. Casita Azul

Casita Azul, or “the little blue house” by the Parque Central (central park) in Puerto Plata is a Victorian style restaurant with lots of charm, and that simplistic Caribbean elegance that sets the tone for your magical evening out. Once inside, the quaint elegant vibe that fills its spaces will transport you to a time of civility and fine dining in its traditional sense - on the outside, the front patio set-up is perfect to get a pulse of the historic atmosphere that gives Puerto Plata life, while sipping on your coffee for breakfast, or your choice of their selection of wine. Magnifico!


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Skina Restaurant in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

6. Skina Restaurant

Skina, which is short for ‘corner,’ is beautifully camouflaged with natural foliage and vines, creating a lovely cocoon inside where you’ll feel a sense of intimacy, but also friendliness.  Skina’s bar area has a cool eclectic  design, just right for a sip of smooth martini or vermouth.  There's really no drink menu, which gives the bartender enough space to get creative, and possibly prepare a spectacularly flavorful drink. So, a chilled evening out for drinks? Go to Skina, and make the night yours.


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Dulceria Dona Augustina, Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

7. Dulceria Dona Augustina

Now, before you feel tempted to reach for the “authentic” Dominican sweets at the local supermarket or gift shop - if you’re truly looking for the real deal of Dominican homemade candy, you’ll want to take the time to pass by Doña Augustina’s Dulceria (candy store), only three streets down from the central park, and similar to Skina’s bar, it’s also covered by two beautiful mahogany trees, so keep a watchful eye when passing by.  On any work day, you’ll find traditional candy connoisseurs whipping up some fresh and signature ‘Dulce de Leche,’ a milk and sugar-based delicious mix to lick your fingers for days.


Don’t take our word for it, and see our original Meet the Locals segment that will show you the whole process. Sweet!


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Written by Omar Guzman.


Published April 2024.

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