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Constanza Nightlife: The Best Bars and Nightclubs

Pasion Licor Bar 360 in Constanza

Photo: Anton Lau

Hit the Town in Constanza and Dance the Night Away Dominican Style

Get hot and sweaty on a crisp Dominican night at some of Constanza's best bars and nightclubs, which attracts locals and international crowds alike. But remember that alcohol goes to the head quickly in this mountain city, which is well over 1220m above sea level.


The pulsating heart of Constanza's nightlife scene beats around Anacaona Park, situated in the city's center. With numerous nightspots scattered around the park, all within a short walking distance from each other, an impromptu pub crawl is always an option, or a swift change of scenery if the music doesn't hit the right note.


As the weekend nights descend, the area surrounding Anacaona Park transforms into an open-air celebration. Come Friday and Saturday evenings, the rhythmic beats of bachata music from the nightclubs meld with the robust dembow rhythms from the countryside youth. Their cars, retrofitted to serve as mobile sound systems with lines of extra speakers and subwoofers, park around creating a symphony of sounds that resonate through the streets, making the nights in Constanza a fiesta to remember.

La Esquina Gastro Bar in Constanza

Photo: Angel Rosario

1. La Esquina Gastro Bar

First up on our list is the iconic La Esquina Gastro Bar. Located in a quaint wooden house directly opposite the city's church, this bar stands as one of the Dominican Republic's premier craft beer havens. La Esquina offers an extensive selection of both local and international brews.


But if beer isn't your thing, you can also choose from an array of cocktails —be it the zesty Moscow Mule, the effervescent Aperol Spritz, or how about a Sex on the Mountain? The ambiance here is relaxed with a musical backdrop of soft rock and alternative tunes. Unlike many spots in the city, the decibel level at La Esquina is finely tuned to foster easy conversation.


La Esquina serves as the perfect rendezvous spot for a pre-dinner drink or a round of beers before going dancing in one of the nearby clubs. Alternatively, it’s a cozy nook to cap off the night with a pint and some snacks.


Check the full menu and opening hours here!

Vamo’ al Drink nightclub in Constanza

Photo: Anton Lau

2. Vamo’ al Drink

About 50 meters up the street from La Esquina, you'll find the unmissable nightclub Vamo' al Drink. Unmissable because its pounding music will leave you wondering if staying too close to the speakers will damage your ears.


Vamo' al Drink is a cross between a club and a disco with a variety of Dominican music, such as merengue, bachata, salsa, and reggaeton. There's a small dance floor and bartenders chip in with maracas and guiras (a type of Dominican percussion instrument, also known as charrascas) playing to the rhythms of the music. All in all, a great place to experience the real Dominican nighttime vibe and mingle with the locals.


We recommend going during the weekends when there are DJs playing and usually also more people. Check their Instagram for the lineup and upcoming events.

Pasion Licor Bar 360 in Constanza

Photo: Angel Rosario

3. Pasion Licor Bar 360

Another of Constanza's notable bars and nightclubs is Pasion Licor Bar 360, situated right between La Esquina and Vamo' al Drink. It enjoys a solid reputation among locals, particularly a younger crowd. This might be attributed to the club's music selection, prominently featuring dembow and other genres that resonate with younger Dominicans, but often find less favor with the older generation.


During weekends, the area outside Pasion buzzes with energy, the street lined with parked motorcycles belonging to the young patrons. Stepping inside, you're greeted by a spacious room with high ceilings, marked by large floor-to-ceiling pillars. The ambiance is heightened by a kaleidoscope of disco lights and flashing lasers that fill the room.


The club is thoughtfully laid out with high tables and bar chairs in the center for socializing, lounge sofas and tables on one side for a more relaxed vibe, and a dance floor on the other side for those looking to move to the rhythm of the music.

La Casa de Piedra Gastro Bar in Constanza

Photo: Angel Rosario

4. La Casa de Piedra Gastro Bar

A stone's throw down the street from Pasion Licor Bar 360, you'll find our final noteworthy spot on the list, La Casa de Piedra Gastro Bar. The top drawcard of place is its expansive outdoor patio, adorned with wall murals that bring a burst of color to the rustic stone surroundings.


Under a canopy of stars and a large mango tree, you can indulge in a tangy passion fruit mojito or rally your friends for a round of rainbow-hued shots that mirror the colors of the chairs and tables dotting the patio. Indoors there are a variety of seating options as well — from intimate lounges to communal tables, depending on your mood and the company you're with.


Offerings extends beyond the glass, with a menu featuring classics like pizzas, burgers, and pasta dishes. La Casa de Piedra is a welcoming retreat any day of the week, though the energy amplifies on weekends. Check their Instagram for upcoming events.

Written by Diego Angeles King.


Published November 2023.

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