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The Best Bars & Nightclubs in Puerto Plata

Terraza Bomba Isla nightclub in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

Looking for the Best Bars in Puerto Plata to knock a few Cocktails Back? Look no further than our vetted list of the city’s best nightlife spots.

Let’s take it to the streets on this one and set our focus on the best drink locations that the locals flock to for the best drink in Puerto Plata. We put together an eclectic mix of bars and clubs that provide - not just an excellent drink - but great service with a genuine smile and easy on the wallet.  As we say in Dominicana !Salud! and enjoy.

Terraza Bomba Isla nightclub in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

1. Gas Station Bars in Puerto Plata

Not quite what you’d expect from getting gas, but like in all of the provinces, Gas station bars and even clubs are a normal and popular thing in the D.R.  They’re great places to watch sporting events and socialize with the people, and to name a few:


Casa 40 restaurant & bar in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

2. Casa 40

Casa 40 is a cool artistic nook in central Puerto Plata with a very bohemian feel but with that Dominican touch. It’s a wonderful escape from the summer heat with an airy tropical patio for a relaxed experience. The patrons are super chill and really help set the tone for the evening and Casa 40 is also one of few LGBTQ+ friendly spots in the city.


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Charly’s bar in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

3. Charly’s bar

Get a taste of the urban nightlife and visit Charly’s Bar on the city’s popular 16th street (La 16) where you’ll listen to a mix of both Dominican urban music and typical Merengue classics.  This is yet another great bar for the frigid beers, and your choice of either being in the A/C, or socializing outside on the sidewalk counters and stools. 


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Bohemios bar in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

4. Bohemios

An exceptional choice for some good ol’ merengue, bachata, and salsa music for the soul, Bohemios is a sure bet for a night full of cocktails, Picaderas (snacks), and genuine Dominican fun. The vibe here is classy yet energetic, with the right balance of blue and fuchsia lighting that sets the tone for the evening. 


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Street food park in Puerto Plata

Photo: Angel Rosario

5. Tasty Food Park

I mean, there has to be a place for parents with young kids right? Tasty Food Park is just that with a variety of stands that sell Ice-cream, Candy, Pizza, grilled food, and yes, a bar. As you navigate the area, drop in and relax for a few in a chilled location while the little ones enjoy themselves.  


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Lust Afterwork nightclub in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

6. Lust Afterwork

The nightlife at Lust is electric with live entertainment every weekend and the place stays packed with locals having a great time. The vibe leans more towards the musica urbana crowd, so you’ll get to see some Dominican rappers getting their flow on as people wave their hands in the air.


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Meclao’ Rooftop Lounge in Puerto Plata

Photo: Anton Lau

7. Meclao’ Rooftop Lounge

Breathe in the night air from the Meclao’ Rooftop Lounge while you sip on a refreshing drink on the patio. Meclao’ (mixed)  has an entertaining nocturnal design with just the right space to eat, chill, and get up and dance if you like. Plan on doing some bar hopping? Don’t forget to include Meclao’ on the roster. 


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Written by Omar Guzman.


Published January 2024.

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